Oh It's smoky out there.

I did a brush letter piece and posted it to Insty whilst being a shut-in all day due to smoky skies and streets in Vancouver. When I woke up the next morning, I discovered it had been featured by Goodtype, an Instagram account featuring cool examples of type design. I will chalk this one up on my "feel so good" board!

I had a little fun with it in Photoshop - overlayed it on an image of the murky skies out my window. Even when hazy, there is a beauty to it all - our big sunball goes the coolest shade of coral red.

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And a socially conscious reminder, only YOU can prevent forest fires (and mother nature because of that whole lightning phenomena). No campfires and be mindful of safely butting out your ciggies. The Vancouver water source is rather low for this time of year and it may be a tough summer. 

Water Saving TIPS:

  • Shorten your showers
  • Flush only when necessary
  • Don't let the water run when you brush your teeth
  • Have a pitcher of cold water in the fridge instead of running the water cold
  • Use energy efficient, appropriate load sizes for laundry
  • Eat more vegetarian meals - Fun fact: A serving of poultry costs 90 Gallons of water to produce.
  • For the greater good, let your lawn go brown - it's Vancouver, we get to experience green lawns all winter long!

b. xo

Snappy Happy & New Projects


A new project is in the works in my blissfully hot and muggy apartment. I have started doing a little daily Snapchat vid about it so you can see my crazy idea come to fruition. Whether it goes sideways or is a masterpiece of our day - you shall be my witness :D

A little nature inspiration got this piece going. I walk by my friends place all the time and they have massive pinecone shedding trees in front of their building. I had gathered a bunch of cones last year and am finally putting them to good use.

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You are never going to feel like it.

Blunt words from a Mel Robbins TED talk I watched today which oddly enough was an "aha" moment for me. You know how you look outside of your life, at all those people who are exercising / eating healthy / creating projects / meditating / running / doing yoga / succeeding / making money etc. on the daily and it must be so easy for them because they look great / their project is so cool / they seem abundant etc.? Turns out, it might not be as easy as it looks, but it is simple.

Mel Robbins dishing it out.

Mel Robbins dishing it out.


Those who know Bob, my action man of a dad, may be as shocked to hear this as I was, but he recently told me he doesn't actually want to run the cutbanks or do his "xyz" every day. I was like "What?!? But you love being active and 'doing'! It's who you are and what you're all about!" Turns out on the inside, he is just like everyone else with the same self sabotaging monologue going through his head like "It will be easier/less effort/less scary/safer if I don't do it." He told me his wiser self knows he will ultimately benefit from the "action" and has managed to follow through more often than not. It's just those first few minutes of push that are the most difficult.


- wise words from Josa, my acupuncturist

In the TED talk she mentions when you become an adult, no one tells you that you will have to "parent" yourself in as many words. One of the reason's why you succeeded in your life as a child is because your parents/caregivers pushed you to do the things you didn't want to do ("Brush your teeth, go to bed, don't eat sugar before dinner, clean your room, get out your pencils and draw, go outside for some fresh air"). When your parents aren't around, it's completely up to you to create the "activation energy" you need to get moving on something. For example, as a non-early riser, I have to force myself out of bed early to gain the extra time to exercise or meditate and make a good breakfast. When I do, it feels great! It's only those first few seconds that really suck, but once I'm over that, the momentum is there.

Most of us know exactly what those "actions" are that will turn us into these content, healthy people. I think my "aha" with this video came because it really sunk in that it's up to me. It's my life. It's my choice to build it as I dream fit and no one is going to do it for me unless I'm willing to do it myself.

Simple, right? What small action do you know will move you forward?

Days like these

On days like these you can't help but feel your best! We have had sunshine and warm temps galore the last couple days which means I have been on a photo spree of Spring beauty.

First to note, I was excited to see that Kits Pool was being prepped for the season. All the duck and seagull poop has been scrubbed from the deck and the murky brown water that settled over winter was drained. After a good scouring, the bright white bottom was revealed! She's a beaut. I discovered the joy of swimming last year thanks to my good pal Bryan. It's such an incredible pool, right on the ocean, 137m long. Initially it was a huge challenge just to swim one length but in a matter of a couple weeks I worked up to 2.6km of front crawl - stoked. We shall see what this season holds!

Near my "secret spot".

Near my "secret spot".

Yesterday I went to sit at my "secret spot" on Kits Beach to enjoy the quiet. The sun was on my face, a slight breeze playing in my hair and the waves were gently lapping at low tide. I love watching the crows, seagulls and ducks busy themselves with algae and mussel snacks, being sure to let each other know which territory is theirs. On occasion I may be graced with a blue heron or bald eagle flying overhead. There are always passerby's with their dogs; often we share a smile as they walk by but on this day an old chap named Allen and his West Highland Terrier, Primrose or "Prim", stopped to chat. We had a really nice talk about life, passions, balancing it all and, about Prim's penchant for "ratting" the beach everyday. He takes her for daily walk amongst the rocks and driftwood so she can fulfil her passion of catching rats - she is very good at keeping the population at bay apparently. She wasn't too fussed with me at first, but eventually, as Allen and I talked, she came up to me for a good bum scratch and nestled herself under my knees as I sat. I have to say it kinda made my day. 

Matchstick Coffee Roasters off Fraser - also have the most amazing crisp yet chewy and often warm chocolate chip cookies.

Matchstick Coffee Roasters off Fraser - also have the most amazing crisp yet chewy and often warm chocolate chip cookies.

Today, I was at Matchstick for a latte (because they are the BEST), sitting on the benches under the flowering magnolia and cherry blossoms with a couple of carpenters on their break. I decided to say hello and we had an awesome chat for about half an hour as they ate their lunch and I drank my coffee. I didn't get their names but they were both from Langley and the one dude talked of his dream to have a farm on a piece of land where he would ride his horse out on the pasture, go fishing in the nearby stream, and just live the simple life. Break time ended and they went back to work on a nearby restaurant coming in - they didn't know what it was going to be and didn't care. But the company was great.

So, I challenge you to smile and talk to strangers. It's lovely to get to know someone, even if only for a few moments. I think my next challenge will be to take photos of the strangers I talk to so I can share with you ;)

beth xo